The Velec A2 : the easiest and smoothest ride there is!

Extra-low Step Through Frame

Riding an e-bike... made easy!

The Velec A2 is the most friendly e-bike on the market. With its extra-low step through frame, hoppin' in an out is a no brainer.

With a suspension fork, and a large seat with springs, the A2 is the perfect blend of fun and comfort on two wheels...
with electric assistance.

Choose the Perfect Range for YOU

10 AH Battery
Get a range of up to 43 miles in pedalling mode
at level 2/5 or 22 miles while cruising on throttle

13 AH Battery
Get a range of up to 56 miles in pedalling mode
at level 2/5 or 28 miles while cruising on throttle

17 AH Battery
Get a range of up to 75 miles in pedalling mode
at level 2/5 or 37 miles while cruising on throttle

Comfort is EVERYTHING !

  • Suspension fork reduces shocks and vibrations
  • High rise handlebar for a natural upward riding posistion
  • Crankset has been moved forward for an easy reach of the pedals
  • Large and soft seat with springs for enhanced comfort
  • Elongated frame for more stability on 26 inches wheels

The Velec Propulsion System

  • Smooth yet Powerful Motor

    our motors accelerate gently and does not jolt nor skip

  • Feel the Power of the Throttle

    Go from zero to full-on speed within seconds with the thumb throttle we
    added on the handlebar.

  • Removable and Lockable Battery

    Your Velec keys are unique and needed to turn on the A2. You can either lock your battery or easily remove it from the bike.

The A2 is a turnkey solution for e-bike riding

It comes fully equipped with top of the line accessories

Rear Rack
Universal fit for bike pannier or trunk bags. Also have a spring clip

Nuts with Spacers
Ready to accommodate a bike trailer

Powered independently, has a steady and a blinking mode

Adjustable Kickstand
Adjustable in height for more stability when standing

Full Chain Guard
Protects your clothes and shoes from the chain oil and dust

Reflective Logos
3M Reflective lettering and accents to be seen at night

Full Fender Set
Front and rear thermoplastic fenders are bendable and shock resistant.

Front Light
Powered by the main battery, its angle is ajustable for a better visibility at all times

Ergonomic Bike Grips
Reduces the pressure on the palm
during your ride

Security Features

That makes the A2 one of the most reliable e-bike of the industry

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

With motor cut-offs sensors

Reflective Logos

To be seen in the dark or at night

Reinforced Tires

To prevent the punctures no one wants

Front + Rear Lights

Let you see and be seen day & night

Wondering if the A2 is the right e-bike for you ?

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