R48i: The Smart e-bike
R48i: The Smart e-bike
R48i: The Smart e-bike
R48i: The Smart e-bike

R48i: The Smart e-bike


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The Velec R48-i (i for loT!) is a new model at the cutting edge of technology in the electric bike industry. True to what made the classic R48 so successful, this bike will mark the start of a big trend.

Equipped with the new FTEX controller, a torque sensor and an loT module, the R48-i has significantly higher autonomy values at equal amperage than its classic R48 counterpart. Pedaling and obtaining electric assistance from the high-torque motor (500 watts HT) offers a naturally powerful ride. The R48-i experience will be enhanced with the use of the FTEX mobile app.


1 Year Non-Electrical Components Warranty

2 Year Propulsion System Warranty

3 Year Frame Warranty
  • 100 to 140 kilometers range
  • High-torque 500W geared rear-wheel motor
  • FTEX connected app

Four key upgraded or added aspects of the R48

1. The Battery & The Controller

The R48-i’s battery is an improved version of the standard R48 battery whether that be performance-wise or safety-wise. First and foremost, the new e-bike boasts the same powerful 48V/10Ah or 48V/14Ah battery, this time fitted with an upgraded thermal resistance. This allows for heat to be contained much better inside the battery and avoid affecting other cells once a particular cell overheats. This effectively means that if a cell in your battery is compromised due to overheating, the damages will be contained within that specific cell and won’t spread to others.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety of Velec riders, our R48-i battery is UL-2271 certified, giving it a stamp of approval as a safe lithium battery.

Certificate Number for 48V 10Ah Battery : UL-US-2422698-0
UL2271-Certified Report Number for 48V 10Ah Battery : MH64628-20240607

Certificate Number for 48V 14Ah Battery : UL-US-2422700-0
UL2271-Certified Report Number for 48V 14Ah Battery : MH64628-20240606

Our R48-i controller manages the aforementioned battery much better. In fact, it helps the battery achieve 30% more range than the standard R48 battery. You can count on your R48-i’s 10Ah battery to give you 100km of range and for the 14Ah to allow you to cover 140km of range.


2. Two seperate sensors

Yet, one of the most impressive aspects of this brand new ebike are their two sensors. The R48-i is equipped with both a cadence sensor and a torque sensor, giving you the choice between the classic rear hub motor feeling (cadence) as well as a mid drive motor feeling (torque). Why choose between a rear hub motor and a mid drive when you can have both feelings on one e-bike?


3. The connected features

The R48-i is fitted with an IoT module enabling it to be connected to FTEX’s mobile app. You will be able to update your e-bike’s software directly on the bike. This makes sure your R48-i will stay up-to-date with new features years down the line without having to buy a new e-bike. Make sure to read our FTEX app guide to be aware of every available feature and how to link your bike to the app.

The app is only available on iOS for now. The Android version will be released at the end of June.


4. Upgraded equipement

Our e-bikes always come fully equipped but on the R48-i, you will also find upgrades to the bike’s equipment. Our usual plastic fenders (front and rear) are replaced with much sturdier aluminum fenders. Anchors have also been added to facilitate the installation of a bottle cage. Furthermore, the regular R48 rear rack is swapped out for a MIK rack allowing MIK accessories owners to use their beloved gadgets on their brand new R48-i.

You can also look forward to the comeback of the Velec horn on your R48-i! Simply press the “M” button on your console button panel.


Technical Specs Matrix
Rear wheel 500W motor High Torque (65Nm of torque)
Thumb throttle
Larger Color LCD Control panel, centered on the handlebar
6061 Alloy step through model
48V/10Ah or 48V/14Ah
Tektro hydraulic with motor cut-offs sensor


Tektro hydraulic disks

Shimano Ailvio M3100 9 speed
Shimano 11-32T 9 speed
Threadless adjustable aluminium, 105mm
Suntour suspension fork for ebikes
Comfort plus with screw lock
Alloy φ30.4mm with suspension
Adjustable kickstand
Ultra comfort oversized saddle with spring suspension
Aluminum 26 inches double wall
CST E-series 26x1.9 with puncture protection
Front light powered by bicycle battery
Rear light powered by bicycle battery + brake indicator
Black alloy single rear carrier



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