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Discover What makes the Velec Citi, The most discreet E-BIKE


Light changes when braking and can be set on BLINK for added safety.


CST E-series 700x40mm tires with puncture protection and reflective band for better handling.


Three motor options : High Torque Geared Rear wheel 350W motor (50Nm of torque), High Torque Geared Rear wheel 500W motor (60Nm of torque) & Mid drive 250W motor (80Nm of torque).


Fully integrated, color-coordinated. Internally concealed. Removable and lockable 10AH ion battery with Samsung cells.


Thermoplastics fenders are bendable and shock resistant.


Hydraulic disk brakes with built-in electric motor cut-off sensors for safety.

Color LCD display console with 2.2" screen. Automatic brightness adjustment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Velecs are available where qualified advisers and technicians will be able to assist you in the purchase and maintenance of a quality power-assisted bicycle. Our network of authorized Velec dealers has more than 300 points of sale across North America. Find out which dealer is closest to you by clicking on this link!

By purchasing a Velec, regardless of the model chosen, you are acquiring the best electric bike in its category, in addition to being assured of obtaining superior quality service from one of our expert dealers in our vast growing network. Velec pays rigorous attention to each of the components of its electrically assisted bicycles in order to meet the different needs of a diverse clientele. Velec offers 12 months of warranty for the mechanical components of the bike, 24 months for the battery and 36 months for the frame.

No, you should never let your bike's main nor its secondary battery on the bike when storing it on a car's rack. The vibrations could liberate your battery from its case and severely damage it.

1-833-718-4001 is the toll-free number for both roadside assistance and anti-theft protection services.

Nothing could be easier! Just register your Velec e-bike on our website, by visiting, if you are eligible for the Velec Anti-Theft protection according to the date of purchase, you will automatically be covered, and your bike will be protected in the event of theft.