How to use the R48i's connected app

How to get the most out of your r48i: the connected ebike

The R48-i experience will be enhanced with the use of the FTEX mobile app. On this page, find out what this new tool can do for you as well as how to set it up!

Installing the "FTEX" app

First and foremost, the app is currently only available on iOS. An Android version is expected at the end of June. Make sure you have installed the most up-to-date version of iOS to ensure the best connectivity with the app.

Downloading the app

Start by heading over to the App Store and look up "FTEX" in the search bar. Once you find the application, click on the "Get" button and download it. The app is free to download.

Create an account / Log in

Once the application is downloaded, open it. if this is your first time using the app, click on the orange "Register eBike" button and fill out the required information to create your account.

You can also create an account through your iCloud account by clicking on the "Continue with Apple" button.

If you do not remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password?" button and you will receive a reset link by e-mail.

Finding your eBike

After creating your account, you will be presented with a welcome message as well as a very short functionalities overview. You will then be prompted to "Start pairing [your] eBike." Click on the button and keep your phone close to your intelligent eBike. You will need to turn on your Velec for the app to find the bike.

For any troubleshooting issues, follow the instructions on the app. If you're still unable to connect the app to your bike, contact via mail.

Pairing your eBike

Once the app finds your bicycle, you will need to click on the prompt to confirm the connection. You will then be asked for a PIN code. Your authorized Velec dealer has your PIN and will do this process with you when taking possession of the Velec.

The app will let you know when you'll have entered the correct PIN. The PIN is different for each Velec eBike.

Menus walkthrough

Find an explanation for each tab in the menus, every screen you may see in your day-to-day use of the FTEX app.

Map / Scroll up Menu

The app will always display this screen first when opening the app as a logged in user. Here, you can look around on the map and access most of the available features. By clicking on the blue button in the upper right hand corner, you may change the angle of the map to one of two views.

You may access the scroll up menu (Image #2) by simply scrolling up on the Map screen.

Main menu

By clicking on the FTEX logo in the upper left hand corner, you can access the app's menu. From there, you can access your Account profile, saved Preferred Locations, Firmware Updates, disconnect your bike with "Forget this FTEX eBike" & FTEX Premium subscription settings.

Account preferences

In the "Account Preferences" menu, you can change the names displayed on your account. You may also change the selected distance measurement unit between the metric and imperial system.

You may also delete your account.

Preferred locations

"Preferred Locations" allows you to save your favourite places to visit on your eBike. You can then select these locations easily through the main menu and set up the in-app GPS to head over there.

How to add a Preferred Location

Clicking on the "Add One" orange button brings you the following page. Afterwards, click on the "Address" field and enter the address of the location you wish to save. You can then add a name to your location (ex. "Bernard Avenue - Outremont").

Forget this eBike

Your eBike can only be connected to one app at a time. As long as the app is open on your phone, the bike can't be connected to another app. To connect the bike to another phone, close the Ftex app.

If you choose to "forget" your bike for another app to connect to your R48i. You will then have to re-enter the PIN each time you want to connect your bike to a new app.

If you plan on sharing your bike with another user, ask your Velec authorized dealer to give you your PIN.

Clicking on this button will toggle a pop-up where you can confirm the action.

Firmware Update

Here, you'll find the latest updates to your eBike's firmware. Notes are provided for every update so you know how your bicycle is evolving.

If an update is available, a blue alert will appear on this menu.

Premium subscription

The FTEX Premium Subscription costs $0.99/month. By purchasing the premium subscription, you will get access to your R48i's real-time location, no matter how far the eBike whether the bike is ON or OFF. The battery needs to be in its socket for the tracking to work.

More features will be added as time goes by. Take a look at the "Coming later this year" section at the bottom of this page to get a glimpse at what is to come.

Exploring the app's features

This section highlights the currently available features on the app. As the app evolves, more features will be available and this section will be updated accordingly.

Home screen while paired to the bike

When paired to the bike, you will see your bike's icon on your position on the map. You can see the two different visions of the map. You can toggle the difference with the blue compass button in the upper right hand corner.

Home screen functionalities

1. In the bottom left hand corner, a speedometer tells you how fast you are riding. You can also take a glimpse at your battery's charge level at the bottom of the circle.

2. In the bottom right hand corner, your current level of pedal assist is displayed. You may change your bike's level of assistance in real-time by tapping on either level on the right or left of the one you're currently using. For example, you could switch to level 2 or 4 in this current situation.

These features are particularly helpful if you have a cell phone holder on your handlebar and wish to use your phone to control your eBike's features.

Going for a ride?

When embarking on a journey with your R48i, you may use the "Going for a ride?" button to start using the GPS features of the FTEX application.

You are then prompted with two options:

1. "Start without destination" will track your outting and give you stats based on your use of the eBike.

2. You can select one of your "Preferred Locations" to use your GPS to guide you over there.

Going for a ride?

Once you have selected your Preferred Location, the map will zoom out to preview the whole ride. A couple seconds later, the map will zoom back on your precise location and an orange line will appear, guiding you towards the aforementionned Preferred Location.

The application favors routes using cycle paths.

Coming later this year

The FTEX app will be regularly updated to increase quality of life features as well as new functionalities. Amongst those upcoming features, you can look forward to: Notifications when the app detects a problem on the bike (FREE, mid-June 2024), Lock and Unlock your bike's electrical system remotely (PREMIUM, Summer 2024) & Motor Killswitch (PREMIUM, Fall 2024).