Velec's Technology


The Velec difference : 17 years in the making

Being just another e-bike company was never the goal for Velec. The goal has always been to change the market for the better, to push it to its limits. With this mentality, our founder, Michel Leblanc, sought out unique ways to create a unique bike for North American riders. 

Innovation is the key concept of Velec’s business. Year after year, our goal is to stay two to three years ahead of the current market standards—an aspiration we have kept afloat throughout our rich 17-year history. With innovation comes creating new standards of conception, battery capacities and a distinct way to ride an e-bike.


A fresh and innovative frame

When starting an e-bike business, some will be tempted to look through the catalogues full of e-bike templates and pre-built models offered by factories. On the other hand, Velec’s vision was to design a new frame to better fit the needs of our customers as well as offer a product that wasn’t available anywhere else. Velec works with a North American engineering firm, Faction Bike, to accomplish this task on all its designs. 

Faction Bike also supplies market analyses, allowing us to apprehend upcoming trends multiple years in advance. With their help, we designed our very own battery frame to freely insert and remove our Citi model’s battery from the side of the down tube—a first in the world! Along with this new addition, our console also received an upgrade based on consumer feedback as well as our Research and Development report on the matter.


Powered by Velec

The battery is one of—if not—the most important component of an e-bike, and we do it just right. Our batteries are conceived to obtain the best size-to-production ratio. To achieve this, we use 20 “21700” cells to form our Citi’s 36V/10Ah battery effectively making it more powerful, slimmer and weigh less than any other competitor’s.

Furthermore, in line with our brand’s belief in creating the “most North American” e-bike on the market, our company is in the early stages of building infrastructures to support the production of our batteries in Quebec, Canada. The project is currently being reviewed by experts in the matter and we hope to see our first North American battery factory by 2026. We are excited to create new jobs in the sector as well as show the world it is possible—and sustainable—to manufacture batteries in our beautiful continent.


The Velec difference

Our company's top priority is making sure our e-bikes are safe to use. Our vision of e-bikes includes a progressive and smooth inclusion of the whole electric aspect of the bike—making sure no user is startled by the vehicle’s power. Furthermore, our brakes include a motor cut-off system which shuts down the electricity to better control the frame once it’s time to slow down. Our e-bikes are also equipped with front and back lights, the latter of which shines once the brake controls are even remotely touched, making sure to signal your intentions to your fellow bikers.

You will most likely be able to recognize a Velec only by glancing at the rider’s stance on the seat. Indeed, our frames are built to assume a trademark position of ours: the user’s back will be straight and so will their arms for utmost comfort.

Coupled with our different e-bikes’ suspension systems, riding a Velec is always a comfortable, safe, and fun experience for all.


Velec Citi E-Bike rear wheel motor