How to install the V battery port cover on a Citi e-bike

How to install the V battery port cover on a Citi e-bike

The V battery port cover has been designed specifically for e-bike frames with an integrated battery. The same cover works just as well with the Velec from the Citi range as the R48 models.

Here is the step-by-step battery port cover installation guide for the Citi 350, Citi 500, and Citi Pro. The method is the same for small, medium, and large frames, as well as step through frames and step over frames.

- Remove the battery

- Place the battery port cover on the frame. The logo must be on the opposite side of the derailleur.

- Pass the strap around the steering column and close the belt buckle. Pull on the strap tab to tighten it slightly.

- Pass the Velcro strips through the back of the cover.

- Insert them into the plastic rings.

- Pull them before turning them back on themselves. This step ensures that the cover is securely attached to the frame.

*Please note, for step through frames, the velcro strips only wrap around the tube with the integrated battery.

- If necessary, tighten the strap around the steering column.

The battery port cover, installed on a Citi, goes all the way around the frame and wraps around itself a little.