Velec Accessories


Les accessoires de la collection V par Velec se

distinguent, par la qualité des matériaux et l'innovation

dans leur conception. Velec, pionnière et cheffe de file

dans l'industrie du vélo à assistance électrique depuis

2005, utilise son expertise afin d'offrir une collection qui

répond aux besoins de sa clientèle et enrichir

l'expérience d'une promenade en Velec.




Velec's anti-theft protection

Velec offers this protection to new Velec owners for FREE, because we know how much our customers love their electrically assisted bicycles (EAB).

The original owner of a new Velec electric assist bicycle purchased in Canada, at an authorized Velec dealer, on or after January 1, 2023 is eligible for protection. Protection coverage is not transferable upon resale of the bicycle.

The protection covers, for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase, the theft of the complete Velec e-bike, i.e. bike and battery, including the original accessories supplied with the original Velec e-bike. The theft of one or more components is not covered. Protection covers events of theft happening in Canada only.

A police report of the theft event, the original proof of purchase of the bicycle, the serial numbers of the Velec bicycle and battery, as well as any other relevant information requested by the agent.

The first step is to contact the VAA service center at 1-833-718-4001 to inform them of the theft of the bicycle. You must then notify Velec of the theft of your bike by visiting You must communicate your VAA claim number and the dealer where you wish to take delivery of your replacement bike. This step is necessary so that we can create a database of stolen Velec e-bikes.

Following the approval of the claim, Velec will arrange for shipment of a replacement bike to the dealer of your choice. The dealer will be notified of the shipment, and will proceed with the assembly upon receipt of the replacement bicycle. You will be notified by the dealer that the bike is ready for pick-up.

No, you will not have to pay a deductible in the event of stolen bike to be replaced. The replacement is offered entirely free of charge by Velec.

The protection covers the replacement of a new Velec, equivalent to the original bicycle. No cash refund will be made.

The preferred option is the replacement of the Velec e-bike with the original model OR EQUIVALENT. However, THE COLOUR MAY CHANGE.

Nothing could be easier! Just register your Velec e-bike on our website, by visiting, if you are eligible for the Velec Anti-Theft protection according to the date of purchase, you will automatically be covered, and your bike will be protected in the event of theft.

Replacement in the event of theft is limited to one event within the three (3) year period following the date of purchase of the original Velec e-bike. The replacement bike is not covered by the protection. Accessories added to the bicycle, as well as personal effects stolen with the bicycle, are not covered by the protection.

About Velec roadside assistance

It's free! Velec offers this service to all Velec owners because we know how much you love riding your electrically assisted bicycle.

Anytime! Velec Roadside Assistance is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

1-833-718-4001 is the toll-free number for both roadside assistance and anti-theft protection services.

Anywhere in Canada! Roadside Assistance coverage is national, wherever you are in the country, you are entitled to it when you ride a Velec. The service is only on roads. The Velec Assistance service is not available on bike paths.

Assistance within a 35km radius of the meeting point is offered free of charge to Velec owners. You can choose your destination within this radius, whether it is your vehicle, home, an authorized Velec dealer or a public transit station. Breakdown service beyond 35km is possible, but a rate ($) per additional kilometre will apply. The rate varies by region.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the service. Even if you were the unluckiest cyclist in the world, we would come and get you!

The service provider will take you and your Velec to your destination. It does not perform any repairs, or any other recharging service, or unlocking of the bike.

No, unfortunately, only Velec electrically assisted bicycles and their users can benefit from Velec Roadside Assistance.